Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A new blog and sad news.....

..........that Kirsten Edwards has decided it is no longer viable to publish her online magazine, The Gift of Stitching, because of a lack of new subscribers and piracy issues. I have begun this blog to display all the stitching I have done from the magazine over the years that I have been a subscriber.   I would like to invite any of the subscribers to join and display their treasures too!

The Gift of Stitching was my first venture into subscribing to an online magazine.  I kept seeing the icon in the sidebar of many blogs, on several occasions I got as far as clicking on the link then drawing back.  When I finally succumbed subscribed I was blown away by the quality of the magazine.  Was every chart to my liking?  Absolutely not.  And that is how it should be.  This crazy world of stitching that I have been a part of for quite a few years would be SO boring if we all stitched the same type of chart!

This was the first piece that I stitched and gave away and that reminds me......I need to stitch it for me, to keep!

Designed by Maryse Dupont
Issue 30
July 2008
This was one of the first of many exchanges for Friendly_Stitchers and I sent it to Michelle in Wales.  The chart gave me a few fits as the picture had the words "I love Stitching" just as you see here, but it was charted as I (heart) stitching.  I am not a fan of using a noun as a verb, even pictorially, so a bit of revamping had to happen and I was quite new to all that!  I can't remember what thread I used but it was an over dyed one, not sure I was into silks back then.  Happy days when I had a respectable bank balance, lol!

Well, dears, looking forward to you joining me in showing off our lovely pieces from The Gift of Stitching, the last issue will be published at the beginning of May.


Denise SA said...

Lovely piece of stitching I can see my do to list growing longer by the hour.

Usefularts said...

Glad you started this blog, I'm really going to miss TGOS!

Carol said...

I am also going to miss TGOS! All the variety and the so-very-clear instructions --- so very rare in hard-copy magazines,

You did a great job of converting "heart" to love. I need to find that chart!

Shaunterria Owens said...

I really like this pattern, and I am sad to hear about another cross stitching resource going under... Hopefully you have a chance to stitch this again for yourself.