Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lizzie Kate - Plant Love

How strange to come and post a GOS recent finish on here and see the exact same design in the post below!

My Plant Love from Issue 28 (May 2008) by Linda Ebright of Lizzie Kate was stitched over 1 on 32ct and made into a little scissor fob for one of the ladies at my local Wednesday evening stitch group.

Each year, she asks me for a new fob for her scissors and i am happy to oblige. I saw this one dangling from her scissors last night and the club as it was her birthday on Sunday and it got the thumbs up approval, the others ladies liked it to. It always makes me happy when a stitched gift is liked and well received (and used).

Thanks for the opportunity to join the ladies here Gillie, looking forward to seeing some finished projects that i have forgotten about and will jog my memory in the issues.

Julie x


Line said...

Gorgeous finish Julie, it makes a lovely scissor fob

Gillie said...

You are welcome, Julie, thank you for posting! What a nice annual gift!

Sarah said...

How lovely, I have just printed this pattern from the cds.