Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome! And an Ink Circle finish

I am so pleased to see that so many people want to be part of this blog!  I think I have responded to anyone that has asked, but if you haven't heard from me and you have checked your spam mail...... please ask again!

Could I ask you all to put the issue number in your post labels?  I thought it would be interesting to see which issues were the most popular!  However, see below, I was unable to follow through on this request, lol!  I went back and added them to the existing posts, hope that was okay?

Also, send me a link to your blogs, I would love to add them to the list in the sidebar!

There are some lovely photographs going up but I am looking forward to lots more!

Here's one that I stitched as part of a Fair and Square exchange with Daniela in Finland and I am completely stuck as which issue. Edited on 4th April  According to my blog entry back then I say it is November 2008 but I can't find it there!  So apologies, I will find it and edit this post.

Well, as expected, I have been gently chastised (lol) by Liz and she has given me the issue number so I am updating the blog! Thanks, Liz!

Christmas Lace
Ink Circles Designs
Issue 23
December 2007


Lizzy Pizzy said...

Dearest Gillie,
Of course WE will put the issue numbers in the labels when we post (together with the design/er details). I do believe the Ink Circles design you stitched and pictured in this post is from the Chrissy issue #23 - December 2007 (and is titled Christmas Lace - funnily enough) hahaha…
Love your work :)
Liz x

Denise SA said...

Thanks for sharing this one it is lovely