Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello! and yet another Ink Circles finish

Many thanks again Gillie for starting this blog where we can continue to share designs stitched from the pages of our fave online magazine.
In my first post to this blog I thought it would be nice to follow Gillie’s lead and start with the first design I ever finished from TGOS – well if I had taken a snap it would have been. It was a sweet design titled ‘Delight in the Little Things’ by Helga Mandl Edited on 6 April  (issue ?)  that I made into a little pillow orny and gave to a friend from work.
Well, unexpectedly, the identity of this illusive issue has come to light - touché Gillie (hahaha) Issue number for ‘Delight in the Little Things’ by Helga Mandl is 40.One day I may stitch it again and have a pic to go with this info… Thanks Gillie : ) 
I am pretty sure below is the second piece I finished however... and I still have it (unframed) awaiting its (as yet unfinished) complimentary design that was released in TGOS a couple of years later. I guess that will be one for a later post : )

The Bramble and The Rose
by Ink Circles
Issue 41

Valdani floss 'Maroon Moss' on Belfast linen 'Lavender Mist'

After beginning to stitch this design, I decided to join my first online SAL, Ink Circles Stitchers (of which I am still a member). For me, it was being part of TGOS Yahoo group, which gave me the confidence and inspiration to tread further afield into the world-wide community of stitchers - something I will always be grateful for...
Liz x


Christine said...

That is stunning

Gillie said...

Oh my goodness, just gorgeous, Liz! The one you don't have a photo of "Delight in the Little Things" is May 2009 Issue 40.

Denise SA said...

I love this one and its companion piece some more must dos

DUSTY said...

Lovely finish !! i do love the look of Ink circle designs

newfie princess said...

Wow, this is awesome! Great work - looks wonderful.

Sarah said...

Ooooh this is lovely and beautifully stitched.

The Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

This is so stunning I love it!

Kudos to Tracey Horner!

Deb said...

WOW! Think I would be dizzy trying to stitch! Beautiful.