Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sakura by Alchemy Stitchcraft

Mayte's Biscornu
I made this biscornu quite some time ago as my contribution to the rather ill-fated exchange group, Please Pass the Biscornu 2011, ill fated as the owner of the blog disappeared within a month or so of setting up the exchange AND deleted the blog!  Despite this setback we all, I think, managed to complete our year of biscornus and I received some beautiful ones.  This was sent to Mayte in California (and from whom I stole the picture!).  For some reason I did not use the beads as suggested so it was fairly plain.  I made it again for the daughter of a blogging friend and this time did as Christine suggested and used beads.  It was a much "girlier" version and have to say I loved it, as did Miss D, the recipient!  The designer is Christine Wilkins of Alchemy Stitchcraft and was featured in the June 2008 biscornu edition of the magazine.

Miss D's Biscornu