Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pics of few items completed from TGOS

Hello from Sunny South Florida! I thought to post a few pics that I had handy of a few finishes. Unfortunately, I don't have the issue date or number of several of these projects, but let me know if you need the info and am sure I can find it for you.

Ok, the above are not exclusively from TGOS, but you will recognize 4 (maybe 5?). The one in the bottom center was an ornament from one of the ornament issues that I turned into a tuffet using DMC variations. The one on the right of that one was designed and offered as a freebie by Kirsten a few summers ago. The one on the top right and the one with the red tassel near it were both featured in TGOS.

This one is also from TGOS. It was originally published as a monochrome, but I broke the design into colors and also changed the back, if I recall correctly, and added a few beads, and added the "blackwork" in the hearts. I love it!!!

Also from TGOS, from a series of needle books the magazine did. I changed the pattern a bit to add my initials to the front.
This from one of the ornament issues. It was supposed to be done on evenweave but I failed to read the instructions and put it on Aida...yes, the words are over one on Aida...HA!!...I am THE QUEEN OF STITCHING!!!

Well, this is what I have available on my computer. I have a few other projects done but no pics. I sure did learn a lot from this magazine. Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all! Christina G


Mii Stitch said...

Wow, plenty of sweet biscornu!!! Love them all :)

Nicola said...

Each and every one is gorgeous

Deb said...

Wonderful work! Absolutely adoable biscornu's.